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How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many

How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many

At the beginning of a relationship, one of the questions that we hate to answer the most: how many partners have you slept before being in a relationship with me? There are many ways to answer this question. Either we are honest, or we are lying. But why lie? For all kinds of reasons! Some guys prefer to say that they have slept with more girls to show they have experience, while others like to reveal a smaller number of sex partners to not pass for a guy who spends his time to sleep left and right. But have you ever wondered if you were average?

Because we must admit that it is difficult to compare ourselves to others in this area. How many must have had sexual partners to be considered a “good shot”? Moreover, how much should have been to be considered a gigolo? Admit that these questions are difficult to answer, anyway!

There are also plenty of factors to consider about the average number of sexual partners. There is, for example, age, but also sex. A 32 year old guy may have slept with more people than an 18 year old girl. But ok. Even here, it does not mean anything.

how many partners have you slept

Ten partners

According to the responses thus collected, and by a large majority, ten would represent the ideal number of naughty game partners. 38% of women and 37% of men surveyed favored the suggestion of eight to twelve lovers and / or mistresses. According to them, beyond ten partners, their new meeting is considered too fickle. But on the other hand, she is considered too inexperienced in the matter to be slept with too many people, reports The Independent.

Also according to this study, men would be wary of women who had more than ten partners. And for 3% of women and 4% of men surveyed, it would be impossible to meet someone who would have been with more than twenty people. Coming from members registered on an extramarital dating site, it is a bit like a hospital that makes fun of charity.

To know everything or not

As to whether they wanted to know the number of sexual partners that may have had before their new meeting, 35% of women said they wanted to know everything, against 30% of men.

Alarming statistics

Otherwise, a woman who had fewer than ten sexual partners would still be looking for herself in life, and thus would be less emotionally stable… Less sexually satisfied, she would be more likely to want to look elsewhere. At the same time, since it is often said that too much is not enough, women who have had more than ten partners would be unable to be married for more than five years! They would be apparently too demanding. Um, we want proof of what these “scientists” are doing, exactly!

Researchers, researching on how many sex partners are too much, maintain that more sexually experienced women are better able to know what they want and do not want. They would be ready to really make the jump to marriage, having the impression to have more lived.