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What is the Main Issue in Insecurity

What is the Main Issue in Insecurity

Emotional security is something that few people have and what many would like to have, for these, it often seems elusive and hard to find. And that is if one even questioned their instability, because these people, it may seem that life is what means that it is often accepted.

If one is emotional insecure it will affect many areas of life. There is of course the internal stress that will be created and this will then lead to external stress. Thus, the inner instability that we always feel has the potential to increase through the combination of both sides.

Moments of insecurity

There are times in life when you do not feel safe. This could be after the loss of a loved one, during a period of illness or a relationship that has ended. These could be described as part of the human experience, but these are very different from the feeling of being emotionally insecure on a regular basis.

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When it comes to reporting insecurity, it can be easy to spot by other behavior. However, thanks to some of the behavior patterns used, what happens inside can just as easily be hidden.

It is also possible for the people who talk too much are insecure to have certain habits or tendencies that cover their insecurities. And this can be done automatically that he is out of his consciousness and soon passes without any memory.

While this may be true for some people and at times for others, there will be times when this approach has failed. And this can lead to a myriad of internal experiences being triggered.

Emotional experiences

The emotions that can compensate for this inner experience can range from slightly uncomfortable to very overwhelmed. It will depend on many signs of insecure person, the way emotions are strong, where you are and who you are with.

Feelings of: rejection, abandonment, shame, anxiety, guilt, anger, frustration, betrayal, despair and fear are some of the main ones. And everyone can create a different internal experience.

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How to overcome this feeling of insecurity?

To overcome insecurity, consider the following tips:

  • Think positive

Focus on positive thoughts as this will help you overcome your fears and anxiety. Be critical of yourself as you are to others.

  • Overcoming weaknesses

Keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve perfection. Try to discover your weaknesses and correct them. Think about your strengths and develop strategies to turn those weaknesses into strength.

  • Avoid comparisons

Do not compare yourself to others because it is useless to be jealous. Be proud of what you are.

  • Express your ideas

Share your negative feelings with friends or family, do not stifle your feelings. Tell if someone is insecure to talk honestly about your insecurities with people who care about you.

  • Entertain yourself

Instead of rehashing your fears, relax and be entertained to soothe yourself. From time to time, make sure to get away from these fears.