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Fed Up Being Ugly? Here are The Options for You

Fed Up Being Ugly? Here are The Options for You

Unfortunately, many girls are too dependent on the standards imposed by the media. Looking at long-legged beauties with perfect features, well-groomed hair and long legs, their reflection in the mirror begins to seem unattractive and complexes are born. It interferes with building relationships and being realized in life. Psychologists advise to begin to solve the problem to cope with being ugly with their own thoughts, while simultaneously working on their appearance.

Nature of low self-esteem

Every person has the nature to consider himself the most attractive, his name the most beautiful, and his abilities the most extraordinary. If the opinion about yourself is the opposite, then there is such a mental disorder as complexes. Most often, they originate in childhood and over the course of life either develop or disappear.

The peak of exacerbation of low self-esteem coincides with the period of puberty and youth and the fact that to accept being unattractive, when the first attempts are made to start relationships with representatives of the opposite sex.

cope with being ugly

Most often, it is based on the girls’ dissatisfaction with their appearance. Conclusions about their unattractiveness can be based on objective facts, when there is some flaw, or on subjective ones, when the data do not correspond to a far-fetched ideal.

People whose opinion is considered authoritative consider the main reasons for low self-esteem. These may be the words of parents, relatives, teachers, friends and classmates. They are not always true, but they are said with malicious intent, but the person who did not have time to form takes them literally and painfully.

Psychology tips

In situations where you consider yourself to rectify to do if you’re ugly, stupid and uninteresting, psychologists recommend first determining whether this is an honest opinion. Often, quite pretty women and girls tend to talk about their flaws by flirting and asking for compliments. They know their strengths, but voice their weaknesses so that those around them disprove. An example would be the situation when a thin woman in the company of girlfriends calls herself fat, knowing that she will begin to convince her otherwise.

Another thing is if a person is closed and in fact hates his reflection in the mirror, considers himself scary and it is uncomfortable for him to live with his external data. Signs of sincerity of such self-importance:

Desire to be invisible in any society;

Problems with communication — there are few existing friends and acquaintances, and it is extremely difficult to make relationships with new ones, especially with the opposite sex;

Specific sense of humor – it is very difficult for such girls to fool around and laugh at themselves;

Discomfort in discussing topics related to attractiveness, even in a circle of loved ones, which is expressed in redness of the skin, lowering the eyes, difficulty in trying to formulate a judgment.

Experts recommend that everyone who considers himself to be ugly girls and boys be approached to address the issue in a comprehensive manner.